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Building Our Community Mosaic

Join us in building a more complete picture of the pregnancy and postpartum psychosis community. Our community is so much broader than just those of us who have directly experienced perinatal psychosis.

Our partners, siblings, parents, and friends have all been through their own harrowing journeys while standing at our sides during illness and in pursuit of healing. 

Those who have lost a loved one to this illness have unique and poignant stories to tell, too. 

Those who cared for us when we were sick, who came alongside us as we sought healing, or who assisted those of us whose illness created legal and criminal ramifications – their stories are also important. 

All of these perspectives are a part of our community story – and all of these stories are what create our beautiful Community Mosaic.

Help our Community Mosaic emerge by submitting your reflections, recollections, remembrances, and realizations.

Types of Submissions Accepted

Prompts for those who have experienced pregnancy or postpartum psychosis: