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PPPAD 2024 Ambassador Checklist

Thank you for your interest in supporting our PPP survivor-led effort! Through the power of our survivor community and allies, this day can have a vast reach and make a significant impact. Here are some helpful ways to support our work, and to spread our message as far as possible.

Stay Informed

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  • Contact local media outlets, podcasters, newspapers, and magazines to request an opportunity to share your story and information about PPP Awareness Day. 
  • Many billboard companies may donate unused electronic billboard space to PPP Awareness during the first week of May to help us raise awareness. You can send a billboard request template to billboard companies in your area to request electronic billboard space. Email a photo of the billboard to, and we’ll share some of the pictures on our social media channels. 

Bridge/Monument lighting events Want to participate in a unique awareness event? We invite volunteers to light up a building or monument purple for PPP awareness in your community! Here’s a lighting request template you can use. Download to customize!

  • Ask your local or regional government to issue a proclamation recognizing May 3, 2024, as PPP Awareness Day on behalf of Cherished Mom. Here’s a proclamation request template you can use. Send us a photo of yourself or your family holding up the proclamation, and we’ll share some of the pictures on our social media channels in May (email photos to Ask your elected officials to tweet about the proclamation too!
  • Write a letter to your elected officials. Be sure to let them know you are a constituent and explain why this is important to you. 

Find Your Senator, Find Your Representative

  • Mention a few Facts and Key Points about PPP in your letter 
    • Treatment for PPP almost always includes a combination of Hospitalization, Medication, and Therapy.
    • Pregnancy and postpartum psychosis (PPP) are medical emergencies, with the mother needing immediate medical care, including thorough assessment, intervention, and treatment.
    • Find a list of intensive treatment programs at
    • PPP impacts an estimated 1-2 women per 1,000 births.
    • The onset of psychosis is usually sudden, often within the first 2-3 weeks following childbirth. 
    • Psychosis can also occur during pregnancy and immediately following childbirth.
    •  A woman is 23 times more likely to experience psychosis in the month following childbirth than at any other point in her life.
    • The most significant risk factors for PPP are personal or family history of bipolar disorder or a previous psychotic episode. However, up to 50% of those who experience PPP have no personal or family history of mental illness. This means it can happen to anyone.
    •  There is an estimated 4% infanticide risk and 5% suicide risk associated with PPP.