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Rogelia Lily Ibarra

Rogelia Lily Ibarra

Rogelia Lily Ibarra lives outside of Chicago with her two young daughters, Olivia (8) and Ruth (4), and husband, Eric. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants, identifies as Latina, and was born and raised in Chicago. Ibarra holds an MA and PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures with a concentration in Gender & Women’s Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington. She offers more than 18 years of teaching, mentorship, curricular design, scholarship, community organizing and advocacy, and storytelling. She experienced and survived Postpartum Psychosis after her first child’s birth which unfolded a new journey of awakening, change and continued advocacy, such as sharing her story through storytelling, writing, performance, educational workshops, and volunteering for PSI. She is currently self-employed and specializes in educational consulting.

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