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PPP Awareness Day Panels & Registration

Join us for five exciting webinars to promote awareness and provide information about postpartum psychosis (PPP). These sessions are intended for women who have experienced PPP and their families, as well as for health and legal professionals who work with these women. Each session will last approximately one hour, and there will be a Q&A session at the end of each webinar.

Author Panel

Join us for a conversation with 5 authors with lived experience of PPP.

Susan Elliot Wright Susan Elliot Wright
jenny wight Jenny Wight
Gillian Seale Gillian Seale
Teresa Twomey headshot Teresa M. Twomey
Sharon Gerdes
Sarah Townsend

PPP Resources & Research Update

Learn about resources for women who are experiencing PPP and their families.

Rogelia Lily Ibarra Rogelia Lily Ibarra
Taleah Bryant Taleah Bryant
SallyWilson Sally Wilson
Felice Reddy
Lee S. Cohen

Lactation and PPP

The session will explore medications, feeding options, special inpatient and outpatient units, emotional impact on the mother, and planning for subsequent pregnancy.

Lynnette Hafken
Olivia Reichenbacker
Celeste St-John Larkin
Cheri WIssmann, MS, CD-L,PIC C-IFS

PPP Legal & Legislative Progress

Learn from leading attorneys, mental health professionals, and advocates about tragedies that can result from PPP, and the legal challenges that face these women and their families.

Susan Benjamin Feingold
Karen Wachenheim
George Parnham
Barry Lewis
  • Time : 9:00 am (UTC)