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2023 Theme: Community

As the PPP Awareness Day team began to plan events for 2023, an overarching theme of “community” soon emerged. We understood the powerful impact of connecting with other survivors in our own lives, and in our third year, we wanted to bring that impact into this event.

On behalf of our whole team of volunteers, we hope to see you soon! 

Jess, Teresa, Kristina + Cheri

Community Mosaic

The heart of this project is to use our stories first, and foremost, to care for and support other PPP survivors in healing. A secondary effect will be to bring better awareness and understanding to others.

Too many of us have struggled through the isolation of perinatal psychosis – and building community is the healing antidote to the shame that can arise from that isolation.  

This effort is different from other storytelling opportunities – connection with a supportive community of survivors is the missing piece we provide, along with the opportunity to use your voice to express your truth with whatever degree of privacy you prefer.

Virtual Gatherings

Help us unite as a global survivor community by joining one of our 3 interactive Virtual PPP Community Gatherings, scheduled across multiple time zones (see flyer below).

The intended audience for these gatherings includes:

Virtual Story Slam

After the amazing success of this event in 2022, we are once again partnering with The Moth to bring you a live Virtual Story Slam on Friday, May 5 at 5pm EST. 

For Professionals, Advocates, and Allies

Our March 1st webinar was a huge success, and you can still purchase access to the recording. 

Please check back or subscribe to our social media channels for future opportunities for information about education, awareness, and advocacy.