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Storytelling Resources

We are working to provide a different kind of storytelling opportunity for perinatal psychosis survivors – we are committed to telling our stories first, and foremost, to support each other in healing.

Would you like us to stay in touch about current or future storytelling opportunities? Please fill out our Storytelling Interest Form. Questions? Send our Storytelling Team an email at

The members of our team have had many years of experience sharing about perinatal psychosis.


We’ve consolidated all of the most important lessons we’ve learned into a 1-page handout.

Our mission:
1) Provide opportunities for healing through telling your truth
2) Build community by connecting those with lived experience as well as those impacted by PPP
3) Spread awareness and educate others about perinatal psychosis, as it is often misunderstood or mis-portrayed
4) Provide tools, training, and opportunities for those impacted by perinatal psychosis to speak their truth,  building compassion and love, rather than being dehumanized by the media
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Maya Angelou

Community Mosaic

We launched our Community Mosaic project as part of PPP Awareness Day 2023, and it will be an ongoing opportunity for PPP survivors to express their truth in many different mediums.