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We are SO glad you’re here and that our paths are crossing! 

Are you a person with lived experience of Pregnancy or Postpartum Psychosis? Or are you a friend, family member or medical professional who was impacted by it? Please fill out this interest form so I can contact you about future storytelling trainings, or project opportunities! 

Your information is confidential to only PPP Storytelling Facilitator Team! Filling out this form does not mean you are fully committed yet, it just means you are interested and want to let us know! Send the team an email at if you have any questions.  
Our mission for perinatal psychosis storytelling:
1) Opportunities for healing through telling your truth
2) Community building by connecting those with lived experience as well as those impacted by PPP
3) Spreading awareness and educating others about perinatal psychosis, as it is often misunderstood or mis-portrayed

4) Giving tools, training, and opportunities for those impacted by perinatal psychosis to speak their truth,  building compassion and love, rather than being dehumanized by the media