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Teresa Twomey Story

Teresa Twomey had no previous diagnosis of mental illness when she experienced a sudden psychotic break after the birth of her daughter. Since then, she has become a leading advocate, writer, speaker and consultant regarding pregnancy and postpartum psychosis.

5 thoughts on “Teresa Twomey Story”

  1. I just watched the Dr. Phil episode on PPP. I cried through most of the show. I, too, suffered from this after the birth of my daughter in 1987! If it weren’t for my husband and my family I honestly don’t know where I’d be today. Well actually I do. I’d either be in prison or dead. That horrific time in my life is mostly a blur. I am so proud of all of you that we’re on today’s show. Your bravery, openness etc. you shared WILL shed some much needed light on this mental health illness. God bless you all 🙏🏻

  2. You know a mental illness is serious when the survivors say “I am extremely blessed no one died!” We need to do better in this Country when it comes to mental Illness!

    1. Absolutely!! And a much underappreciated aspect of this illness is the long tail of recovery. We need better treatment at every stage of this illness!

      1. Vanessa Safran

        Just watched the Dr Phil episode. I am convinced this is what happened to my mom in 1954 after the birth of my brother, her seventh child. I was young but I do remember some crazy behavior. She ended up in an institution, where she had electric shock treatments. We moved in with her parents and they’d take us to visit her. She was like a zombie. She died from lung and breast cancer at age 60.

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