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Virtual PPP Community Gatherings

There’s still time to reserve at spot in one of our 3 sessions! If you or your loved one has experienced psychosis during the perinatal period (pregnancy, birth, after loss, postpartum), please join us!

Click on the session flyers below, or view all of our PPP Awareness Day 2023 EventBrite listings


Even if you have not attended one of our gatherings, we hope the resources provided here are a useful introduction to the global pregnancy & postpartum psychosis (PPP) community and resources!

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PPPAD: Cheri Wissmann, Jigyna Patel, Steph Fakharzadeh, Willemijn de Bruin

COPE (Centre of Perinatal Excellence): Ariane Beeston

APP: Zebunisa Pathan, Ellie Ware, Naomi Gilbert 

PPP Lived Experience Peer Support Opportunities

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Building Community Connections

There are several online lists of stories, articles, books, memoirs, etc written by those impacted by PPP.

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Community Mosaic Storytelling Project

We launched our Community Mosaic project as part of PPP Awareness Day 2023, and it will be an ongoing opportunity for PPP survivors to express their truth in many different mediums.