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Who needs to know?

Knowledge about Pregnancy and Postpartum Psychosis (PPP) – Who needs it?

Written by Teresa Twomey


If you love someone who may one day become pregnant – you do.


If you love someone who is pregnant or postpartum – you do.

If you may become pregnant one day – you do.

If you are pregnant or postpartum – you do.

If you or someone you love had PPP – you do.

If you are a medical professional who interacts with pregnant or postpartum women – you do.

If you are a mental health professional, advocate, or activist – you do.

If you advocate for women’s or mother’s or children’s health – you do.

If you are a first-responder – you do.

If you are a legislator – you do.

If you are a lawyer or judge – you do.

If you are below the age of ten – it can probably wait.



Although the knowledge you need depends upon which categories apply to you, often you only need to know a relatively small amount in order to prevent trauma and tragedy.  We are working on raising awareness, creating materials, and assisting allies so that you can access accurate, adequate, appropriate information. Please consider supporting our efforts.



3 thoughts on “Who needs to know?”

  1. My daughter was diagnosed three months ago. We were all terrified, afraid we might have lost our girl. Thankful to God who provided her wonderful husband who took her to the hospital immediately after her break and for the hospital who gave her what she needed even when we weren’t sure about it. The facility where she stayed for a week and all of the staff who answered our questions were amazing. She is on the road to recovery and while it will take a while yet, her journey is good. There is light at the end of the tunnel we felt like we were in. So glad for forums like this.

    1. Kim, please ferl free to contact us to assist in finding resources to aid your daughter on her post-acute healing journey. For most of us, healing is a long and complicated process.

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